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Swaped hardware, what did I mess up? No distortion

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:) I swapped my Les Paul customs gold hardware with my SG's chrome hardware. The now chromed out Les Paul is fine.


The SG however is now messed up. It isn't loud anymore and there is no distortion, even though I am using a spider line 6 amp on the "metal" setting.


All the wiring looks to be fine and connected. All I did was cut the pickup wires and swapped the chrome pickups with the Les Paul. The pickups are of the same exact model number on both guitars. I did the same thing to both guitars, the les paul sounds great so I know it's not the amp.


Did I mess something up? A pod? The switch? A ground wire I'm not aware of?


I don't get it. I does make sound, and I can switch between pickups but the volume cuts off completely with only a small turn of either knob. And, the tone knobs seem to have little effect if any.


My poor SG, What happened? Please help...everything is still wired correctly for what I can tell, no wires came disconnected. I don't get it.





FIXED!!! Inside the guitar there is metal (maybe a layer of foil or something? I don't know) that is painted over, well it was scratched and the plug connector was shorting out everytime I put it throught the hole and tightened the nut. I just wrapped tape around it, put it back in and that solved the problem.

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