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From the Bigsby faq....


Re-Stringing the Bigsby Vibrato


1. Crimp the string at a 45 o angle next to the ball end (A).


2. Feed the string underneath, around and over the axle (B).


3. Place the ball end of the string onto the axle pin ©, keeping tension on the string to hold the ball in place.


4. Push a foam wedge (D) into the space under the axle to keep the string in place on the pin while winding.


5. Wind the string onto the tuning machine, tune to pitch and remove the foam wedge.


6. Repeat for each string.



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See Gibson made a marketing error - instead of the robot guitar, they should have installed the robot tremolo/stringer. But they bring an Edsel to market - interesting technology, but little public interest. Admittedly I am only assuming little public interest.


Richochet, thanks for the diagram. At least it is obvious I am not the first person to ask the question.

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