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EJ-300S converted to left handed


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I purchased this guitar on ebay. The seller misrepresented the condition, posted

misleading photos, and did not answer questions I sent prior to bidding in a

truthful manner. As a result, I was fairly disappointed when it arrived; it

sounded poor and was very dried out, among other problems. However,

it was barely played, so I decided to go ahead with the conversion to lefty.

Despite taking a year and a day (almost literally), I am happy with the results.

The guitar was placed near a humidifier to alleviate the dryness; the top

definitely came back to life. New synthetic nut and bridge (one is corian, the nut

maybe) and seamless re-routing of the bridge for lefty. Neck adjustment and

removed the neck strap button and filled (not a great job on that). I added

the imperial tuning knobs. It is very fun to play, sounds good, and looks great.

I do not intend to change the pickguard. D'Addario EXP13 80/20 11-52s...


A few issues:


1. The top D and G tuners are very tight. They hold tune well but almost do not want

to turn when adjustment is needed. They are grovers and one thing I noticed is the

black screw (which is what the tuning key attaches to on the outer side of the tuner)

is protruding more towards the center of the headstock on the inner side of both tuners

as compared to the other four...until I change strings, there doesn't seem to be anything

I can do...ideas?

2. after playing for a week now, the action seems a bit high...3mm - 8/64 on both low

and high strings...maybe he set it up as a jumbo strummer, but it seems a bit too high

3. the strap button removal, which is cosmetic










Your guitar was made at a factory not yet added to the database

July 2004

Production Number: 0553


Samil, Korea, I think...






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G'day Mate,


Just dropped in to say that I have had an EJ300SCE for a couple of years now and it's a nice guitar. Mine was made in August 2004 in the Samil factory also. I'm running 11-52 D' Addarios and am very happy with the tone.


Sounds great through an acoustic amp too.


My guitar seems to be loosening up up and gets better every time I play it which makes me glad I held out for the solid top.


It might make you feel a bit better to hear that I had to pay just under a $1000 AUD for her new 2 years ago. Epi prices here are ridiculous compared to the US but I have no regrets. as she is a keeper and not available new now!


You have completely different tuners to me however as I have standard Asian Grovers on mine.



Good luck with her mate.



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G'day again dubstar,


Look I'm sorry but I didn't get involved with the set up myself as I took her to a luthier to do that....bone nut has improved things too! Satisfying project for you and bloody good price too. Fortunately I am a "righty" as born left handed but made to change at school when I was little. Still do some things with my left hand but fortunately not guitar ~



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