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upgrading my epi gibson sg


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ok so my guitar isnt worth selling to get another one apperntly so instead what things can i do to really vamp this bad *** g-400 up! that doesnt cost the earth to buy, anything from decoration to the internal workings anything that will make this g-400 more stunning baring in mind its 8 years old 8-[

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Well, I HIGHLY suggest you go down to guitarfetish.com

They sell hardware, tuners, pickups, knobs, electronics, just about anything you could like, and none of it will break the bank.

You could go all black, or all gold, or black chrome.

The GFS pickups are also a marked improvement over the stock epi pups.

How much are you willing to put into this baby?


As for other upgrades, a bisby is a cool idea, or a maestro like on angus young's SG.

Those do cost more, of course.

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