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Riviera buzzing problem - please help!


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If anyone can help I'd really appreciate it!


I've recently put a Bigsby on my '84 Japanese Riviera, however now when I plug it into my amp I get a very annoying buzzing that decreases slightly but not completely when I touch the strings.


I read somewhere that there is an earth or something attached to the stop tailpiece studs and now I've removed it for the bigsby it's maybe causing the buzzing. Don't know if there's any truth in it????



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You'll have to drill a hole between the bottom strap button and binding and connect it like on a guitar with a trapeze tailpiece.


The original ground wire is a pressure fit to the bushing for the stop tailpiece on the little E side (towards the controls). If you want to use the same wire (it might too short) remove the bushing with a claw hammer prying up on the stud that goes in the bushing. Use some thin leather, cloth or duct tape on the claws to protect the plating on the stud. Put a cloth on the body (in the center where the block is) and put a paperback on that to protect the top of the guitar from the hammer. It'll come out easily. Adjust the thickness of the book so you're prying close to straight up on the stud.


If you just want a temporary quick fix, you can leave everything else alone and run a wire outside...no soldering required, screw one end under the nut on the output jack and the other end under the strap button (making sure it's in contact with the Bigsby).

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