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2003 "custom shop" OJ for sale/trade........ J185 , etc


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I have a 2003 OJ for sale or possible trade

I've gone nuts since I got this guitar early December 2007 and now the OJ is #4 in the " rotation ".


A J185 would be first on my wish list.


guitarsale sells these for over $2500


if you want a short scale 'hog/adi slope shoulder with a really cool '34 burst , here it is!


this was Gibsons answer to the Martin dreadnought in 1934 :)


please pm inquiries or send me an email if you like........ thanks, Jim (dbackjim@aol.com)








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quote: I'd be interested to know why it's #4 and what #'s 1-3 are... thanks!


#1 is a 2004 WM-45


I've been through quite a few Gibsons since I sold my first wm45, and then I returned to my "roots" and snagged another WM-45 last May...... I just love the thing, nothing has sounded as good to me as that model, not even the J45, J45R, or AJ that has passed thru my hands!


#2 and 3 are very recent acquisitions, a D35 and a rosewood CJ-165


the wm , D35 and the CJ have very similar necks, and I feel I can switch back and forth and not have to make too much of an adjustment


these all have 1 23/32 or 1 11/16 necks and seem like a good fit for my small hands,

the OJ has a 1.77 nut width , which feels very comfortable to play, but just feels a little big for my hands

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I can't figure out how to pm you. I am interested. I actually have an OJ myself and would love to possibly have 2. I have a santa cruz IM/PW to trade. email me at markwillplay@embarqmail.com or mark@asburyraleigh.org. I might buy outright. I am looking at the short scale AJ's from guitarsale as well.....

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i'm wondering what the difference is between your custom shop OJ and my historic collection OJ. mine is an adi/hog combo as well and is an '06. any idea?


no idea

it seems like they like to call stuff "historic " in the last few years


and now they have the "true vintage" series


maybe just to make it a bit confusing for the fun of it :-k

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