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Les Paul Prophecy EX problems


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Hey... I received an Epi Les Paul Prophecy EX a couple of months ago as a gift. I really wanted the guitar after seeing it and reading reviews, however, it has not lived up to the hype. I’m having 2 problems with it.


First, the pickup sound is very tinny on the top 3 strings (G, B and High E), and there is very little sustain. This is very surprising to me since my previous guitar is an Epiphone Goth Explorer with stock pickups, and they have much better sustain. I have also had other guitars (Dean) with EMG 81 & 85 pickups, that are just the opposite, the sustain is great.


Second, the action is horrible. I took it to my local guitar tech, and had him setup the string height and intonation. I took it home and played it off and on for a couple of weeks, and found that the strings were too low (so I thought) and it was causing buzzing, and affecting the sustain. So I took it back to the guitar tech this week and had him raise the action a little. It’s now more like my explorer, but still the buzzing remains and sustain is crap.


I’ve always used 10’s, but on this guitar at times they actually feel like 8’s or 9’s due to the lack of sustain and buzzing. I’ve changed the battery, thinking that was the problem, no change. However, I don’t really have any problem with the lower strings (Low E, A, D), they sound great.


The fret board and frets are also very rough. I find that my fingers hurt after playing for a while. I'm hoping that it just needs to be broken in, if that's even possible. Not sure, never had this problem before.


Did I get a lemon? I’ve played other Epi Les Pauls and they were great. I would have expected this to be similar in quality, and better when it comes to tone and sustain due to the EMG’s than some of the other cheaper guitars I own. I’m wondering if I should order another EX from MF or GC and see if it’s any better, then deal with EPI on the warranty, if that’s the case.


Anyone have any suggestions? Has anyone else had problems with the EX?



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Guest alanhindle

I thought the sustain came from the neck, body, bridge and strings rather than the pickups. What does it sound like unplugged? Unplugged, my Epi LP has a fat, rounded, resonant tone that sings on and on. If yours is like this too it could be the pickups causing your problem.


Does the fret buzz occur when you use a strong pick attack and is it inadible when played through the amp? If so, I would say this is fairly normal if you want an ultra low action. If you're getting dead spots/choking then that's not normal. Search for some of the posts on guitar set up and read about neck relief vs action. If your neck relief is OK, maybe you have a warped neck. Epiphone should then be replacing the guitar.

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hmmm' date=' sounds like you may have just gotten a bad one. i have the SG EX, and havent had any problems with it. [/quote']


It looks that way, I own the Prophecy Les Paul EX, and it's absolutely flawless. The tone is thick and round with oodles of sustain, even unplugged. I have my action set towards the low-end of medium and I have no fret (or otherwise) buzz at all. I replaced the stock strings with D'Addario Nickel-Wounds of the same guage, but the couple of times I did play it beforehand it still sounded pretty good. :/

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In 1995 I bought a Gibson 1985 Les Paul Custom in Alpine White, turning aged yellow, and thought it was ‘the one’ . I threw everything at it…SD Antiquity pickups, aluminum tailpiece, new pots and caps… and still it was a ‘tone-turd.’

i sold it and got my money out of it. But it goes to show…no matter what guitar, there is always that potential. 
I never buy ‘new guitars’… I want something broken in and with any luck, a lot of the bugs taken care of. And I never buy online. My guitars are very personal items. Would you buy your wife online…?


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