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1994 Les paul Special


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I found this git in a local rag, it's described as the title, it's described as gloss red with P-90's. I got the serial number

on the phone and it's origin is the Nashville plant 2001, no. 110. Notwithstanding the erroneous year date if it's in decent shape would it be worth 625.00. I probably should be addressing this over at the Gibson forum but I hang out here and don't want to wade thru all the s--i over there.

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It is difficult to say without seeing it. It could be. Factors of concern would be over all condition and fretware.

Remember, the guitar is 15 years old. The Gibson L.P. special was essentially a Jr. with 2 pickups.

From time to time Gibson has produced both single and double cut away versions. A year ago Gibson was making a faded model version that sold for around $600-$800. In my opinion they screwed it up by replacing the P-90s with 490r and 498t pickups. Still, an O.K. guitar.

Around a year or two ago they were producing a 1960 R.I. double cut away version with P-90's in T.V. yellow. It was

going for about $2,800.


Best advice I can give is to take a good look at the ones for sale on Ebay. Get a better idea of the years, models,

prices and finishes. Your first instinct of posting this on the Gibson forum might also prove of value.

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I had a look at it, been gigged a lot and put away wet apparently,it needs a fret job, hardware all tarnished

and really chipped body. I would like to get a Gibson LP this year, I watch ebay a lot and the guitars are lanquishing

there a lot longer than 6 mos. ago. I think if I wait 3-4 months I might get a good deal on one, of course I might be wrong in that respect but I'll know more when I go to the Guitar Show in Spartanburg next month. Thanks for the advice I appreciate it.

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