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  1. Irish_Rover, I guess you are a "Rover". (considering the name and then the location.} Congrats, big time!!! Of my modest collection, my 339 is my favorite. Hope the setup takes the guitar to where you want it. Let us know!!! Best of luck, Willy
  2. Seastone, Don't know about others but I'm always interested in what someone has done as mods. Info and Pics.... That's what it's about. (although we do get a few good laughs from time to time) Keep us updated, Willy
  3. +1 and yes...Welcome. Good info. The subject comes up around here frequently. Seems that all the 90's Sheratons out of Korea were that way. Plenty of threads on how to get around it....but.... I've never seen anyone post that they found one that was a direct fit. Welcome aboard, Willy
  4. Scott0,

    Been reading many of your posts.

    Good observations and good advice...

    Happy New Year!!!


  5. Happy New Year RaSTuS


  6. Happy New Year Rob.


  7. Glennc,

    I'll send you a PM.

  8. What amp are you playing it through? Have you tried it through other amps? They would have to be humbucker size P-90s. (No big deal) Willy
  9. Good info guys. This one is going in my list on page 4 of A.F.'s DIY. Willy
  10. Rednefceleb, Blueman335 made some interesting comments here: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/83465-seymour-duncan-sh-1-59s-sounding-bright/page__view__findpost__p__1142628 He seems to have a fair handle on magnet types. Maybe he will chime in. Willy
  11. To tell the truth, I figured you'd get it figured out. Did the volume tapers work out the way you wanted them to? Next time someone wants to do a 50's upgrade it will be your turn to do the explaining. Big time CONGRATS!!! Willy
  12. Pics? If all the wires seem to check out for correct location (especially at the switch) then something should work. Even if you did burn out something, the odds of burning out everything are small. Any chance you forgot to solder the third leg of the volume pots to the back of the pots? Are the backs of the pots all grounded together? Any chance that the caps are touching the walls of the cavity and grounding out? No chance you got the power and the ground wires reversed at the switch? Willy
  13. Zero, Zip, Nada, Nothing? In all three switch positions? Naturally, pics would help, but.... If you are positive that all is good up to the guitar...(no bad cable...etc.) A couple things come to mind. If there is a switch problem it is likely a mixing up of the wires at said switch. (or the ground or hot wire contacting a spot it should not) ALSO...as simple and silly as it sounds, I've accidentally reversed the wires at the jack before. If you went with vintage wires, it can also be easy to get them mixed up. I like to use marked pieces of tape to keep track of them until I am ready to solder. If it helps any, take a quick look at the pics I posted here: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/82973-lp-redo/page__view__findpost__p__1145594 Just don't get too frustrated...(and don't throw it out the window) There just isn't that much electronics inside a guitar. You'll get it figured out. Willy
  14. I love my Gibson but......I also love my Epiphones. My only regret is that if I buy any more (and there are a few others I would like) my wife will disown me. Now I'm thinking and smiling. Willy
  15. This is the video I was referring to: Small side thought...Set your pots to 0 when soldering. If you accidentally overheat you can create a dead spot. (Fairly rare but, it can happen) If it does then you want the dead spot to be at 0. The only other thing I was going to show is an easy way for stranding the ground when desired....A toothpick! .... This was part of some tests I was running. The finished wire was (of course) much shorter. Willy
  16. TBM, Looks like you're making progress. Thanks for keeping us updated. Just a couple of questions. I see you have four capacitors. Planning on doing some experimenting? You may find the .047μF roll off a bit to the dark side. What are the values of the others? Also, have you used the vintage braided wire before? No big deal if you are familiar with it. If not, I can put up some pics and a video on use and soldering technique. Keep us posted on your progress. Love the pics! Willy
  17. RS Superpot...Basically a 25% - 30% Taper Audio Volume Pot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21424628/Gibson%20LP%20Redo/Complete%20Volume%20Count%20Ups/50s%20Dependent/50s%20Dep%20SP%20Vol/50s%20Dep%20SP.mp3 _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Linear Volume Pot (50% Taper): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21424628/Gibson%20LP%20Redo/Complete%20Volume%20Count%20Ups/50s%20Dependent/50s%20Dep%20Linear%20Vol/50s%20Dep%20Linear.mp3 And yes, I use Linear Volumes the majority of the time. Willy
  18. In answer to this, yes. But, not enough to make a significant difference. As long as you are using a 10% or 20% taper, the difference as a tone pot is small. Not enough to worry about. I still favor the less expensive 10% CTS Audio pots for tone. Unlike using them for volume, most would be hard pressed to tell the difference. The ones I have bought from Hoagland Bros. have always been 10% anyway. I'm not sure if they even know. Onward and upward! If you go with 50's Dependent using Linear volumes, I'm guessing you are going to be very happy. The only disadvantage to going 50's Dep. IMHO is inconsequential. As you roll off the tone, there is a very slight drop in volume. (minimally noticeable) Nothing you can't correct with a slight volume tweak. Avantage: Most people that go 50s rarely go back to modern. Many say it is like taking a towel off their setup. The sound does not darken as you turn down the volume. As a matter of fact, I just redid my 1976 Gibson L.P. a week ago using the very pots you are talking about. (Albeit, they were long shaft): http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/82973-lp-redo/page__view__findpost__p__1145594 I also just refinished my Epiphone L.P. this morning: I bought it when I first joined the forum. The wiring is not as pretty as my more recent jobs. It was my very first mod. I didn't even know how to use the vintage push-back wire which I used on the switch. Instead of pushing it back, I unraveled it with a tooth pick and twisted the strands with my fingers. LOL Still, it was good enough that all I changed this morning was the capacitors and their position to 50's. And, of course, the wire grounding the tone pot lug. Anyway, on to the volume samples. Keep in mind that there is no right or wrong!!! It is about how you like to use your controls on your guitar......So, kick your volume up to 7 and decide which you want. All samples are 50's Dependent......this will take two posts (you can only put two media per post) 10% Taper Audio Volume Pot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21424628/Gibson%20LP%20Redo/Complete%20Volume%20Count%20Ups/50s%20Dependent/50s%20Dep%2010%20Audio%20Vol/10%20TAPER%20Vol%2050s%20Dep.mp3 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ 20% Taper Audio Volume Pot: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/21424628/Gibson%20LP%20Redo/Complete%20Volume%20Count%20Ups/50s%20Dependent/50s%20Dep%20Audio%20Vol/50s%20Dep%20Audio.mp3
  19. TBM, First, Did you get a chance to read this?: http://forum.gibson.com/index.php?/topic/83137-help-with-pots-capacitators/page__view__findpost__p__1137906 Next, Are you going 50's Dependent or 50's Independent? If you let me know, I can give you a few facts and put up some sound clips of different tapers in use. (As I did for Plus Top Dan in post 15 and 16... although I put up Modern dependent clips for him) Addition food for thought as you get started. The short CTS in your link and your pic look like 10% taper audio pots. (naturally I can't be positive) If they are and you use them for volume pots in 50's dependent (my personal favorite) you will likely be disappointed. 90% of the volume taper would happen between 10 and 8.....the rest of the taper would be useless. Willy
  20. They don't make one. I adapt them from a regular L.P. case. Specials...(and I have a few).... are thinner guitars than the regular L.P.s That's one in my Avatar. A trip to a fabric store.....some sponge rubber and some cloth....a template made from construction paper .... This is what I do: ... Willy
  21. No..... I would give you between $50 and $150 for it IF I was looking for one....depending on the condition. Willy
  22. It's not a fake. Welcome to the forum! If you like it, do you really care where it is made? or/ You just curious? Willy
  23. Mike,

    Thank you very much for the generous offer but I must respectfully decline. I have tried models on and off since I was a kid. To say that I have no talent for it is an understatement. I do have a couple guitar projects that will keep me occupied.

    Thanks Again,


  24. My wife says just the opposite about me! Welcome to the forum and congrats on your Sheraton. How about some pics? I'm just a little curious as to why you would put Gibson 57s in your guitar and then darken them up with 250k pots. Putting the Gibson pups in will give you a clearer more defined sound. Why muddy them up? Although 300k are sometimes used for volumes, by far, the norm is to use 500k (vol and tone) with humbuckers....Same for P-94s. 250k pots are primarily used on Fender type single coils to add some warmth to an otherwise extremely bright pickup. Anyway, congrats again on the Sheraton. Willy
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