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I am trying to find a lightweight [foam filled] case for my PR5.

Any suggestions as to what will fit well?

I am aware that Epiphone makes a hard case especially for this guitar.


I have been using the Gator 335 case I use for my Sheraton II and it's a pretty good fit.

So... is there a soft case [not bag] that will fit this PR5?


John / N2XBW


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Don't know about a case for it' date=' but I've always liked the look of the PR5 in sunburst.


How does it sound and play?[/quote']


In one word: SWEET!


I have 6, 6-string guitars including 4 Epiphones, an Ovation Balladeer and a Yamaha APX-4. I've used the Ovation as my main professional axe for 20-some years. I now take the PR5 to gigs and jams. It's not too impressive as a straight acoustic, but it's the nuts when plugged into my Genz-Benz Shenandoah amp or straight into my Carvin PA system. Mine is the natural finish as I’m a “sucker for a blonde!”


I play a lot of varieties of music on any gig, and this guitar covers all the bases. Clean highs, decent lows, nice easy action, and little feedback.


All-in-all I'd give it a 9.5 /10 for an imported guitar in this price range. I paid 3 bills new.=D>/

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Me I prefer this one over a sunburst or even the natural.


Mine is a PR-6E TR all solid woods with a Shadow pick-up that just rocks the house.Ship..............had a few older Epi's that I recently let go, they were just to expensive to be played by me or anyone else, more of a collectors thing,

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