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My new guitar


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Hi gang


I've been a lurker here for a while, but with my new purchase I thought I'd introduce myself. Yesterday I purchased a shiny new Nick Valensi Riviera P94. What a sweet instrument. I've been jonesing for another hollowbody since I sold my Rickenbacker 330. I hadn't really done any research on this model, but have been watching the Epi hollowbodies for a few years. I love P-90s and have been thinking about the Casinos. I took the Valensi into the guitar room at the local Long & McQuade, plugged it into a Bassman reissue and was immediately smitten. The resonance of the body and the harmonics are truly amazing. I didn't realize until I got home with my new guitar that the pickups in it were Gibson USA P94s. In fact, I was unaware there was such a pickup. All I knew was that I loved the sound of them. I think I have now found the guitar I've always been dreaming of. I have to say that, while the Ric was a beautiful guitar to look at and hold, it didn't hold a candle to this new Riviera as far as sound and playability go. I sold it because I felt I had too much money tied up in a guitar that I didn't find myself drawn to play that much. That won't be the case with my new best friend.


I've been enjoying my '56 goldtop for the P90s, but I think I may sell it now that I am in single coil, hollowbodied heaven. I am not really interested in collecting guitars; I like to play 'em.


I'd post a picture, but I'm not sure how.

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