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machine heads or Tuning keys replacements


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Hi guys,


I'm trying to find an online shop that stocks genuine epiphone tuning gear. I recently bout an old epiphone flying V and want to replace the machine heads with the old style jade/opal tulip style. I found some on the allparts site but they arent epiphone




and im a stickler for consistancy




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To get genuine Epiphone ones you may have to ask Gibson for an authorised parts supplier willing to ship to UK. Their old UK spares distributor was : http://www.rosetti.co.uk/ but I understand they are no longer authorised.


In case you didn't know, there are several alternative brands that look the same and are higher quality. The Epi ones were bought in from Asian subcontractors and were not particularly good. They're a cheap metric copy of the Kluson-built ones used by Gibson. Anything sold by allparts or stewmac is almost certainly an improvement on the originals.


PS I just checked that URL...those are made by Gotoh and definitely higher quality than the stock Epi version. Apart from being a highly respected parts supplier in their own right, they used to make all the tuners for Fender Japan.

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