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Anyone own a Gibson BFG??


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Guest icantbuyafender

I really like the BFG wiring scheme. I actually was designing my dream guitar a few years ago when i was doing a summer research internship at the university of texas. I came up with a schematic of a guitar that had the upper bout of a les paul and a slightly offset and contoured les paul lower bout. also the non cutaway side had a thinchamber running the length from the neck pup to the tail piece and an "f" hole cutout on the maple cap, and to top it off it was planned to have a sanded worn brown stained finish with a thin satin clearcoat. The pickups were the same as gibson put in the BFG too.


So naturally when i saw the BFG as an upcoming product back then, I flipped and knew I hadd to own one.


Im thinking now that the prices are reasonable and they have made good impressions on some trusted review columns, Its about time I scooped one up!


Playing the BFG at a local shop further fueled my GAS and it still is in my opinion one of the more versatile and brilliant creations from gibson in a good while. Its a workhorse and one of the most decently priced working man's guitar to recieve the gibson openbook headstock.


anyone else like them too?

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The Gary Moore one is cosmetically diff by what i can see.


No where near as distressed, plasic knobs instead of wood, has a TRC and has black plastic control cavity covers where as the std bfg has,


wood knobs

no trc cover

very worn looking as std

clear plastic covers.


To me it the best model theyve made, great features, 2 vol, 1 tone, 3 way selector, a kill switch, versatility of p90 and a humbuckler. All with a really light finishing coat .


The Garry Moore is the same price but alot nicer imo.

I do like the clear cavity covers on the std.



Garry moore


Garry moore







You can clearly see the diff in the finishes.


The got one at my local shop just havent had time to visit. Maybe today??? Will have to sell my epi LP as partof the deposit so gonna have to really think and try it first. Also will sell a few other bits too

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