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Little help required regarding an Epi V


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I have this Epiphone V i bought way back in the '80's and have never seen any like it since and have as yet never been able to find anything about the damn thing.

First off it's not a full sized V body, slightly smaller. it had a bolt on Maple neck with an Explorer type headstock. Written on the headstock is Epiphone by Gibson (Both in correct logos). Two humbuckers and a very cheap but workable locking trem system.

I've tried google searching, and asking various folk i know that know their **** about guitars but everyone come up a blank.

Any of you Epiphone experts here could shed some light on this guitar? Seem to remember paying around £200 for it way back when in the '80's.

It's the guitar on the left in the pic

Here's hoping for some info




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I remember seeing that kind of stuff back in the '80s at Wopmelodie in Montreal. Didn't impress me at the time and as such I didn't really think about Epiphone much from that point until I came across my first set-neck Epi LP sometime around 1995...

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