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DR 500 loose pegs


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We just got an Epiphone DR 500 that has never been used. It's at least 3 yrs old, sitting in it's case.


We were changing the strings, putting Elixir light.


The low E string PEG pops out when we tighten the string. And the A is a bit loose as well.


Has anyone experienced this? And/or, do you have a solution, or know why this is happening?


I will probably take it to the Guitar Center tomorrow, to see if they know how to fix this. Obviously, we can't play the guitar when the peg is popping out with the string! It's a bummer...


Before this, the only acoustic I've owned is a Martin, and this has never happened to me with the Martin...



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If they're popping out, check your installation. Once the pin is pressed 'home', check the ball ends to be sure the balls are snug against the bottom side of the sound board. The larger strings, especially if you've upsized to mediums, have a tendency to get pushed away from the sound board if you aren't careful. This creates a suspended ball situation, not to mention rasping off a bit of wood on the opposite side of the bridge holes.


When a ball gets suspended, at the most inopportune time, the string's tension will cause the string to jump up, wanting to stop against the sound board. If the string is tight in the pin slot, it will pull the pin up with it. Either enlarge the slot of the E and A bridge pins or, push them snug without suspending the balls. They may sit up a little higher than the other 4, but who's to notice? I upsized my Yamaha to Mediums. Her low E has been 1/8" higher than the other 5 for nearly a year and hasn't budged.

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