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Hi guys,im looking to buy an Epiphone Coronet reissue (red) or silver fox

as i cant afford the 60's ones

(i have like £350.00/400.00)

does anyone know where to get one/have one they are selling as I know they are not made anymore i was just wondering if anyone had any contacts here




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Are you a Libertines/Babyshambles fan by any chance?


The 90s guitars aren't even worth getting if you're wanting a guitar like a 60s coronet. You'd have to do some pretty extensive work to get it looking anything like a 60s model. The Pickguard is all wrong and they came in hideous sparkly finishes. I'd love to see someone convert one with a P-90 at the bridge and all its other catastrophes hidden away... maybe you could slip a straight single coil at the neck ala melody maker.


They someitmes pop up on ebay but haven't seen one for a while now. Check out the 70s ET series and the modern Wilshire reissues for something similar.

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Back in 2002 when I was 16 I was desperate to have a Coronet because I was into the libertines and I ended up buying a 1970s ET-278 and played that for a while but I recently sold it for £400. There are pretty strong rumours that Epiphone are going to reissue the Wilshire in a worn black finish, fitted neck and mini humbuckers. I've no idea when but there pictures of them online recently and then taken back down again. If you want something with that shape/style that looks good and plays well I would go for one of those two options. They also did a Wilshire with full humbuckers in white and red. Here are some pics. Keep your eyes peeled: I know these aren't quite the same as a Coronet but they're similar. Otherwise try and find a 90s Coronet but I know if I got one I would have to completely strip it and modify it so that it looked like a 60s one.


My Old ET-278:




The recent Wilshire Reissues (if the rumour is true these will be available new again soon in Cherry Red, Worn Red and Translucent Black)




Promo pics that appeared online and then were taken down:





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Those pics were on one of Europe's largest guitar selling sites and seem to be genuine epi pics. perhaps they just released them too soon and are waiting for Epi to make an official announcement.


You can still find the white and red full humbucker versions from time to time so even if the reissues don't happen for a while (if ever) one of those two might be a good shout.

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