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OK, so where did the thread about serial numbers go???


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It was called something like "help, my serial number is totally whack..." Seems to have vanished though...:-


Anyway, my theory received some development courtesy of other members...


It goes something like this:


15 = Qingdao (electric)

16 = Qingdao (acoustic)

20 or 12 = DeaWon? or Unsung China? (still not sure which number corresponds to which factory)

21= Unsung, Korea

[i = Indonesia]


See for example, this Les Paul:




0808 = August 2008, followed by "15" for Qingdao


Or this new (Korean, interestingly enough) Sheraton (Serial #0812210302)




December 2008, Unsung Korea.


Like I said, just a theory...but it seems to work...

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