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Replacement Bridge for 2003 Elite ES-335


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I just purchased a used 2003 Epi Elite 335.

I am looking to replace the tail stop and bridge.

I would like to know the specs of the OEM bridge that was supplied with the guitar so I can get a perfect match.

The guitar has the tail stop but not the bridge (hazzards of Ebay). The knucklehead I bought it from has not answered my emails.

Any input would be greatly appreciated.




1933 Martin 0017

1959 ES-125T

1967 Baldwin (Burns) Jazz Guitar

1971 Fender Jazz Bass

1973 Gibson B45-12

1978 Gibson Les Paul Standard

2003 G&L Legacy

2003 Epiphone Elite '63 ES-335

2006 Godin Freeway 4 bass

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Congrats on your new Elitist Dot.


I am not at home to measure right now, but I'm fairly certain you need metric spacing, not US.


Stewart McDonald has a number of options, and very detailed diagrams with measurements of the hardware they sell. You ought to be able to confirm what you need by comparing the posts or holes on your guitar with the measurements on the diagrams.


Red 333

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I swapped an Allparts TOM wth the brass saddles on my Elitist LP and it was a drop-in fit. You need the ones with the small holes that are meant to fit on a threaded stud, as in the original TOMs from the fifties/sixties.

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