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Ground problem? Or just normal?

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On my Les Paul standard (as well as other guitars such as Epiphone SG, Fender Strat) I get a slight popping sound whenever I touch any of the metal parts (strings, bridge etc). I have read many forums that say this is a ground problem, others which say it can be static electricity build up in the players hands and others which say something about discharging capacitors. To try and assist anyone who has any idea I will list as much information below.


- It happens to several guitars.

- Makes no different plugging them into different leads or amps.

- There is no hum before, or after touching or holding the metal parts (just a kind of 'pop' when I touch them).

- I generally play on carpet (seems to be relevant to static etc).

- I have checked all the wiring, even with a multimeter and everything appears to be grounded correctly.

- If I hold one metal part and touch another it does not make the 'pop' sound.



The sound is not very loud and does not bother me too much, I just don't want to get electrocuted! Any suggestions are more than welcome.


I have posted on other forums as well and I seem to be getting mixed responses. This may sound stupid but would anyone mind just trying to see if they can get this as well. Just plug your guitar straight into the amp, turn the volume up high and very gently tap the bridge, I can seem to make it louder by licking my finger and then doing it (but make sure you are not touching any of the other metal parts at the same time).





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Does your amp have 2 or 3 prongs on the plug?

Is the electrical outlet you're using grounded (earthed)?

Is your home negative or positive ground.....(some in EU & possibly UK are pos. grnd.)

by touching the strings, you're either causing, or most likely interrupting

the "ground loop".

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