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Fret level for a new Sheraton II?


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I picked up a beautiful new ebony Sheraton II over the weekend. It's really nice, and I love how Epiphone is using a real 335 body shape for these now. It has a fat neck, and is pretty light.


Anyway it is made really well and sounds great except for excessive fret buzz in a few spots. I have it setup with 5/64" on the bass side, 4/64" on the treble, with about .010 of relief. Nut slots are filed down right. It's definitely problematic, coming through the amp, killing sustain, etc. I think it needs at least a partial fret leveling. But I'm not sure whether to do that cause they're lower than my Gibson SG to begin with.


Does anyone know if Epiphone's warranty would cover that work, or will they just crank the action up to 6/64" and tell me it's fine?


I think if the warranty will cover the work I'll keep it and hope the frets don't feel too low. If I have to pay for the work, it will probably go back, sadly. It's really nice otherwise.

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Well I returned it. They had a used Hamer Echotone that, while lacking the visual sophistication of the Sheraton, suits me a little better with an even chunkier neck, larger frets, and lighter weight. And honestly it sounds a little better. It's one of the newer Artcore-looking Echotones. Practically NOS and half the cost of the Sheraton.


Still want an Epi one day though, to keep my AJ200 company.


Thanks for the input.

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