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Epi SoCal 4x12 cab issues or no..?

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Picked up an SoCal 4x12 cab and was curious if there

would be anything problematic I might stumble into

running the cab with an marshall avt 50 head. I sure

realize it's a bit of a strange combo. Just don't want

to mess anything up.:-

Thanks so much

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A Marshall into an Epi? For god's sake man think! lol

Any cab/speaker can be used with any amp as long as you...

--- match the ohm value of the speaker to the amp

--- and do not exceed the cab/speaker wattage.

So, 1st determine the ohm rating of the 4x12 (8 or 16) -- look for a label on the cab or use a multi-meter..

Next determine the wattage - add all cab speakers wattage values to know total cab watts.

Plug into the corresponding ohm tap on your Marshall (some amps "read" the cab ohms and adjust all by themselves - neat yah). For those times when no amp tap corresponds to the speaker ohms and/or the amp is not a self-adjuster type, then you would have to open the cab and re-wire the speakers (if possible) to change the ohm value to a usable one for your purpose. As for watts: if your amp exceeds the wattage available, you may still be able to use it at lower volume levels without "blowing" a speaker..., but what fun is that? Add watts by adding more or higher wattage speakers until you can rage on into tonal oblivion (oh wait, you said it was an avt50 so looks like you'll have to settle for tonal disappointment, sorry just couldn't resist the pun).


Hit every BLUE NOTE baaaby..., I'm going to play on:-"

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Thank ya sir, I appreciate your help and the insight. Yeep, what a combo huh... Weird how

some things work out. All the amp says is a minimum 4ohm load. I did just to check the

marshall head out run it thru my PV XXL cab, (16ohm config). Yeah, This XXL head has

a switch for ohm load, (4,8 and 16) and a VP switch for, 25, 50 and 100w, Kinda cool!

Otherwise, I think I'm good to go... Those famous last words8-[

Thanks so much for the help.

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To any AVT owners... Stumbled on this thread and thought it might

be of service. I don't care too much for reverb so it will probly be okay

in my case. At any rate, Food for thought...


I have an AVT50 head with a JCM4x12 cab. While it's not a JCM800, 900 or 2000, I have always thought it was enough for me, the weekend warrior.


Recently I took a few of my guitars in for a full set up and asked the guy (who will remain unnamed) about what my next amp should be. He asked me what I currently had and what I used it for. Immediately he complimented the amp and asked if I had modded it in any way. I told him no and that I had thought of experimenting with pre amp tubes. He told me that was a waste of time but told me of a simple mod that would do wonders for the amp......"get rid of the reverb tank!!!!" He promised me that this would make the amp warm up and be a near full tube amp tone.


To make a long story short, I did just that and I am very impressed by the improvement. It is not a full tube amp but I can tell you, it made a big difference in the tone of this head. I rarely used much if any reverb to start with but he told me that even turning the reverb to zero left the entire circuit active. He was right. If you like or need reverb, use a good pedal and put it in the effects loop.


The process is simple, just open her up and unplug the reverb tank!

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