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Replacement Bridge for Sheraton II


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I have a 2008 Sheraton II. Black with gold hardward. I am thinking of changing the hardware to chrome. Just persoanl preference. Can anyone recommend high quality bridge and tuner replacement that will fit with having to re-route or re-drill anything. Looking for very high quality components. Plan of having the Sherry for many more decades. Thanks all.

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On mine I used nickel hardware from Stew-Mac to match the nickel pickups I was also installing when I overhauled mine. <-- link


Aluminum Stop tailpiece <--link


nickel TOM bridge <--link


The bridge fit pretty well, but the stoptail studs weren't big enough. I took it to the shop to dowel and redrill, but they had some bigger bushings on hand that worked. Mine's an 05 MIK, not Chinese.


I'm really happy with the above parts and they were reasonably inexpensive.

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