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Bigsby B-5 to install on Lespaul Std - is it possible?


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Hello, Epi afficionado! I'm the dude that all his life dreamed of Bigsby vibrato on his lespaul... First, I got meself a LP Epi Standard - good looking one, I just love it. And second - by a chance I got me a Bigsby vibrato (lisenced one with the word Epiphone indented in it). I bought it not asking what type was it: I was told it been mounted upon LP, so that decided it...


OK, I paid some 30 dollars (yes, cheap) and got a B-5 horseshoe vibrato. It been really adorned a LP top, I saw it by my eyes... But now I'm slightly dumbed with a perspective to drill twice more holes (4 instead of 2 when B-7) in my LP.


I ask your advice:

- whether to buy B-7

- or mount on my LP this B-5 (maybe it's OK to do so...)

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Yes it is possible to mount one and several have done it.


You can always get a Vibramate. You bolt it to the tailpiece bushings and the B5 mounts to it.




I put a B70 on my LP and a I love it. My guitar had a trapeze tailpiece so I didn't have to deal with covering the tailpiece holes. By the way, a B7 will not totally cover the tailpiece holes.

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jcwillow777, I love your advise!!!! Thank you!


As I see it I have one point sure to be doctored: It may appear that original B-5 has its holes not exactly at the same places as a lisences one.


About "not covering the tailpiece holes" - I know that... not overall horrid to see that... So I will try to find that magic vibramate. Thnk you again!

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