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  1. I'd look for a Luthier in your area rather than GC.
  2. Thanks. No, they are Gibson. I looked at SDs but they didn't sell pup rings for them at he time, so I went with Gibson.

  3. The pups in my GT are Gibson minis.

  4. Hard to tell from those pics, but my guess is it came off the switch. Try to pull the wires gently out of the way of the switch and pot and take some more pics so we can get a better look see.
  5. I just got one for Christmas. So, since Christmas isn't here yet it is under the tree. I did open it when I got it to make sure everything was alright and glad I did. I sent the first one back. It had a dent in the back of the guitar. It was no problem with Kurt and I ordered another one.

    This one came perfect.

    Here is a link with pics.


  6. No, I would say that isn't normal, but not a big deal, and an easy fix. The knobs fit onto a split shaft on a potentiometer. You can take the knobs off. I use a string and wrap it around the shaft under the knob. Then with both side of the string pulled together, gently lift up. Work from side to side and the knob should come off. Once the knobs are off you can gently open the gap in the shaft with a screwdriver. Go slowly. Put the knobs back on and you should be good to go. If they are still wobbly, then the shafts need to be opened up a little more. Welcome. By the way, pics or it didn't happen.
  7. Well then I would say it is probably the way you string your guitar. I'm not trying to talk down to you and I have no idea how long you have been playing. The cold will effect the tuning of your strings. Anytime I take my guitar anywhere, especially in the cold, I have to tune up before I play.
  8. I put new tuners on both of my G-400s. They both had 10mm holes. Not sure what you mean by "slippy." If the buttons feel loose, there are screws to tighten them up. If the only problem is that the buttons are loose, you can get a set of keystone buttons that fit Grovers from Allparts. I got 4 sets for some of my other guitars. They don't have them on their site, you have to call to order them. "Slippy" could possibly be in the way you are wrapping your stings. If they aren't wound and secured good they will slip. I put Grover Vintage Green Keystones on mine. The original Grovers were fine, but I prefer the looks of the Green keys. I really don't like the looks of the Kidney shaped buttons.
  9. Thanks, good info for all to have at their fingertips. Should make this a sticky.
  10. Nice looking bridge. Glad it worked out for you. The rotomatics should drop right in. You might want to consider the locking Grovers.
  11. $120 seems a little steep for installing a bridge, unless that is covering a setup as well. I would suggest having your tech file the saddles down. That's cheapst thing to try first, unless you are having problems with the saddles, like rattling.
  12. Welcome, and nice Sherry. Some of the earlier Sheratons had a different spacing on the bridge and it is hard to find bridge that will fit. I have a Maestro on one of my G-400s with the original bridge. I took it to my tech and he filed the saddles. I have not problem keeping the guitar in tune and I use my Maestro all the time. He also touched up the nut.
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