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Epi headstock stickers


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I'm considering buying a used Epi Les Paul standard Plus Top. Owner says he's the original owner. I'm wondering if it is a 1. second-how is this recognized on the headstock 2. What stickers/serial numbers should be on the headstock to verify it's for real. [angry] It's supposedly 1 yr. old - only driven to church on Sundays! Wants $350.

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If it is a second or used it will be stamped 2nd or USED on the top of the back of the headstock byt hte serial number. I have a 2nd Dot and it has the full original serial number. Sometimes part of the number is xxxxed out and sometimes there is a white sticker with a number on it.


If it is a 1st it will have a number in gold lettering under the poly finish on the back of the headstock. I'm at work so I can't show you a pic, graphics are blocked. Depending on where and when a letter followed by 8 numbers. Older serial numbers are different. EX. U05020891.

U = Un Sung

05 = 2005

02 = Feb.

0891 = 891st made that month


Ask him for the serial number and check it out here:



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