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Anyone bought the new re-issue Epi J-45????


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Hi all, just found one of these for sale in the UK on a guitar website today - as anyone got one yet....I think they are relatively new out but can't find any info on them. Have they been out for a while. They look really cool - but wondered how close are they to the 'Gibson' real thing!!!!


Any info please!!!



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Epi has been making the AJ45 for several years now. I bought one from MF three years ago when they were blowing them out for $149 USD. They were discontinued for a year or two after that. Now I see they're back and the current price is $399.


Couple of points to note:

-Mine came with 25.5" scale. Specs claimed 24.75" scale(the original Gibson J45 scale). The longer scale was not an issue for me.

-Specs claimed white button tuners. Mine had chrome Grovers, which I would prefer anyway.

-Manufactured in 2005 at the Samick Indonesia plant.


I noticed the current specs claim chrome hardware and the 24.75" scale.


At $149 it was a no brainer to order it sight unseen. I lucked out and got a really nice sounding and playing one. The transparent cherry finish is beautifully done. You have to see it in person to appreciate it. I would've preferred the VSB but those were all gone by the time I ordered.


At $399 I would want to try out a few first or consider other options. Namely the recently introduced "Inspired By Texan" or the Hummingbird Artist.

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