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If Epi Used Solid Tonewoods


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Back in the days when they used old growth Honduras mahoganies on USA Epis

it wasn't a problem' date=' as the Honduras is known for it's close grain and strength.

It's all this fast growing plantation mahoganies that have low strength and "voids"

between the grain/fibers that weaken those necks and the Gibson style truss rod

that is responsible.


but that would be be another factory operation or two to laminate the necks or add a volute,

and slowing down the mass production process! Time is money! [/quote']


Honduras Mahogany will still break though. Bottom line it's a softer wood than Maple. And to the argument that time is money: All the picture's I've seen from the Epi plant in China, shows workers pretty much buliding these by hand, albeit in an assembly line fashion. If Epi used CNC technology, they're profits AND quality would go up. It only take one person to run any given CNC machine, and computers don't screw up nearly as often as a human would.

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