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Do I do it again?


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You may or may not be aware of my summer project, which was to "restore" my 1983 Gibson Spirit.


For those who aren't aware, the Spirit was produced by Epiphone USA (Kalamazoo) beginning in 1981. Due to poor sales, the remaining stock was re-labelled as Gibson instruments, and production continued in Nashville until 1984. It was essentially a double-cut Les Paul Junior/Special, with humbuckers. Not top-of-the-line models, by any means (bodies were mystery wood - sometimes mahogany, sometimes poplar...), but I like them.


There was a "sister" model produced, also, called the Special. It had all the features of the Spirit models, but was shaped like an SG.


I found mine in a local store, modified to almost resemble a Les Paul Special - an extra knob had been added, the pickups had been re-routed for P-90s, and it was spray-painted yellow. I didn't really restore it, but I brought it back to a presentable state, and I'm quite fond of it. I've always hoped to find an original-condition brother to go with it, preferrably a 1983 Spirit II in black. If it was an Epiphone, even better.


Today, I accidentally stumbled upon this:




It's a 1982 Epiphone Special, in rough shape. The wood seems okay, other than the cavity damage, which I can patch up. The refinishing job will hide the damage almost entirely.


I estimate it'll take me $50 in finish to get it pretty again, plus whatever I want to do to it beyond that. The last one cost me $160, but I had to buy tuners, and some of the supplies (grain filler, etc.) will be used again for this project.


What do you think?

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Well, I missed it. I was willing to spend $300 total, plus the repair costs, and I forgot about the auction and missed it.


I know they're low-end Gibsons, but mine and the other one I've played just ring. They're like the SG Faded of the 80s - some people hate them, some people love them.

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