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Just when I thought I made a decision...


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I always see something that makes me second guess.


I just found this Epiphone Rivera and it is sweet!



I havent been able to play it, but it looks like some formidable piece of guitar technology.


My questions are:

1) Has any one played it? Will it be fine to play a british jangle on?

2) Is it as good a purchase as a IBJL Casino? I.E. would you buy this if the IBJL Casino was not in stock?


I really like the three humbuckers and the bigsby!


Great add ons for the money!




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Hi Narco. A number of forum members have this and have posted about it. The improved search engine may actually bring up some of the threads. I know Charlie Brown has one and has posted about his impressions, how it works and how it is different from other guitars. The P-93 Riviera is a semi-hollow body with three single coil P-90 pickups, not humbuckers, while the Casino is a thin hollow body with two P-90 single coil pickups. So the pickups are basically the same.

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