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While my preference would be to have two BB1's, I find the setup with the 2 in the bridge is fitting.


Why am I posting this?


Because I wanna know what you people think of them.






tell me, tell me.


I really hated these in my LP ultra, but I've grown fond of the feedback control you can have, allowing you to use it in a riff as if it was intentional.


Im no Townsend or Cobain, but Im getting to love using feedback-- but sometimes its a bit much.


These arent wax potted, so is that why high gain causes a massive wall of feedback when the strings arent played?


Would BB Pros that are wax potted be a step up?


I'd like the background noise to be a bit more subtle and less overwhelming.... Doesnt have to be noiseless, just something that could be used at a gig without piercing ear drums.

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I'v got a couple of G-400's that are BB equipped. One is a '66 with a BBII/Angus bridge and a '62 with a BBII/BBIII combination. I rarely push hard enough to have a feedback problem but yes, you are correct that the feedback is largely due to the lack of wax potting done in an effort to more closely mimic the original construction process. I have no direct experience with Pros but the idea behind them is that they are wax potted to combat the feedback associated with the standard BB's. I can't help but think the output would have to be similar to either the I/II or the II/III setup. A call to Gibson Customer Service would answer that one. While there, you could also inquire as to whether or not Pros will make the feedback you're growing fond of too hard to obtain.


From my experience, I LOVE BURSTBUCKERS !!! and to answer each of your points listed...


Noisy? Not at my volume levels, hasn't been a problem. Watch your position in relation to the amp and crank it up: and I'm told frequently about the household to turn it down - from folks upstairs.


Warm? yeah, Vintage, Bliss, Holy Grail, all those elusive adjectives


Shrill? yeah maybe, it can go there, and do that too.... in spades


Overhyped? I don't think so, it has been 'zactly what I was looking for and I wish now that my '66 had a BBIII instad of the Angus; I know I'd play it more often if it did. They might be a tad "Overpriced" but deals can be found if you shop around a bit. From my perspective I'd give the Pros a shot too if I found a deal on a pair. I recently tried a 490r/498t in a G-400 and while the tone wasn't off-putting by any means and was very much what one would expect from an SG : I did find myself missing the BB's personality traits. One thing I always recommend when doing pickup upgrades is new electronics to take full advantage of the better humbuckers. Call RS Guitarworks and get an upgrade wiring/pots/caps/switch/jack kit and I think you'll be amazed at how much better it can get, even now. They'll be able to help you get the right kit for your specific guitar and needs when you get in touch with them via phone. Good luck in your continued quest for tone....



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