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Not wanting to seem impertinent he said "If BB King don't need F-holes why would anyone?"

Chet Atkins had the Gretch folks do the same with the old Country Gent. Praise variety!

and give me some more of that Jap crap' date=' cheap but cool. [/quote']


Fair comments. Back in the day violinmakers found out strategicly placed holes increased resonance of the top resulting in more volume(fortissimo) and sustain(sustenuto). It has been suggested the ƒ in fortissimo inspired the shape of the hole, which is (I suppose) easier to sell than the alternative....[take your time] [confused]

The ƒ-hole and increased resonant top properties were copied by guitarbuilders. Once the guitars became electrified these very holes posed a problem with feedback and a few enlightened souls closed them up again.

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The amplitude wars of the thirties contributed to the great archtops fighting to be heard, but with the invention of the electric mixer we fortumate souls here in the future are able to feed our children from across the room with fatback.

You should have heard my Lyle rattle the grates in the wood cooker last night. F-holes mean FEEDBACK!

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