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I had a Bill Lawrence pick up that I got for free and an Epi Les Paul case that was lonely so I decided to do a little low budget project. I'm not brave enough to risk butchering one of my nice guitars.

The reviews for the LP II special indicate that the pick ups suck and it doesn't stay in tune but it plays nice with proper set up. I bought a factory 2nd for under a hundred bucks, bought a "Crunchy Rails" bridge pick up and some locking tuners from Guitar Fetish. I have a warm sounding guitar(Riviera) and a strat type( Parker Nitefly) so I figured go for a Metal Machine for the project.

Had to buy an HB to single coil plate because the Bill Lawrence is a single coil sized HB and had to drill out the holes for the tuners but other than that everything was easy. I noticed when taking them off that the stock tuners really looked and felt cheap and made of plastic and thin sheet metal.

Anyway, the guitar plays nice. I was able to get the action as low as any of my better guitars without fret buzz. The Crunchy PUP is just as advertised. Hot and crunchy. No warm vintage vibe here. The chinese Wilkinson tuners are great also. Overall I'm very happy with the new toy and have less than 175 bucks into including the guitar. David




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