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New Valve Jr Question


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I'm very new to tube amps but picked up a new Valve Jr Combo from a reputable online dealer, it was delivered to my house yesterday. I'm unable to get sound out of the amp at low volumes, and at high volumes the hum/hiss is almost as loud as the sound from the guitar. I have to have the volume on the VJ at 12:00 or higher to hear any sound reproduction. I have a couple different guitars, this is with both guitars all pickups as loud as they can go, and multiple different speaker cables connecting the head to the cab. Anyone have any ideas, or is this the expected behavior?


Thanks much for any help that you have to offer. I've reached out to the retailer's tech support, but I'm impatient...I'd like to hear what this thing can do.

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I Anyone have any ideas, or is this the expected behavior?


[/quote'] No, this is definitely not expected behavior .... the VJ is actually fairly loud at 12:00 (at home levels, anyways), even the combo ( I have a combo and a head'n'cab). Perhaps a tube is on it's way out? The version 1 VJs had a hum issue, which has been rectified in versions 2 and 3, although the buzzy version 1 definitely produces way more guitar sound than noise. If it's brand new, I'd exchange it for another one. If the switch lit up but tubes didn't, the heater fuse would likely be the culprit (I scored a brand new head'n'cab for $150 and all it took was scuffing up the fuse holder contacts to work perfectly), but this doesn't sound like that problem. Do both tubes light up ? The preamp tube has a cylinder around it that can be removed to see it properly. Hopefully it's something minor, but like I said, I'd send it back - although I can understand your impatience, especially since you have it in your possession. Make sure both tubes are fully seated in their sockets, perhaps try replacing them with known working tubes ? Dunno .... hopefully someone will be along with better advice...good luck !!!

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