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  1. Would be my '07 honeyburst plus-top LP....absolutely nothing wrong with the guitar that a lil tweaking here and there didn't fix - build quality seems excellent so far... Of course, the caveat being that it's my only Chinese electric Epi ... I have a '99 Epi AJ18-SNA acoustic, which is a fine budget acoustic, fit/finish/build have been fine up to now, but I'm not that much an acoustic kinda guy, unless conditions demand it, so...heh
  2. ....and run the risk of getting one with a real problem. He likes the guitar, the problem borders on no problem, realistically ....to me the issue is exceedingly simple - DIY fix, couldn't be any simpler ... End of.
  3. By serial number, although the format/version change escapes me anymore ..... oh so much info to be found on Valve Jrs at single ended amp forum sewatt.com - have to register but there's an entire subforum for VJs with enough info to make one's head hurt...and spin
  4. There were three versions of the VJ ... I believe it was only the version 1 models with the infamous hum/buzz .... I have one of those (combo) I got for about $60 on CL a few years back, in like new condition.....complete with hum/buzz, but I don't mind because it's a dirty li'l amp anyway I think they fixed it with the second version (DC heaters, different transformer, I think) ... I also have a version 3 head'n'cab, brand new in box w/ warranty for $150 on eBay a couple of years ago......nice and quiet, until you start picking ;) You should be able to find a later model combo for well under
  5. Interesting ..... I thought I was the only one that did this ...LOL I mean, it makes sense, my '07 w/ original switch works just fine so far...I'm a practical (cheap) bassturd ... if it ain't "broke", rarely will I "fix" it, unless it's something I can't live with. The stock Epi switch still works perfectly, doing what it's supposed to do every time. If/when it dies, sure, I'll upgrade. I ain't in no hurry ;)
  6. I take 'em off without a second thought....I WOULD think twice if the serial number was a sticker, though ... that'd likely stay, but my electrics have numbers on the hs under the poly :) My acoustic has the sn sticker inside the body, amazingly holding well...better than the pickguard that peeled off last year (it's a '99).....kinda cool w/o the pickguard, as the natural finish has darkened over the years, and the finish where the pg was is light ...kind of a ghost pg...
  7. Never noticed, really...I mean, I know they're there, just never paid no mind to the size compared to Gibsons (have only played a few Gibs in my lifetime, never owning). The dots on the Epis are about the same size as the ones on my BMG, but Epi's are easier to see - the BMG has black binding with white dots.....go figure...
  8. I've never played one either .... Mrs D and I fought for a few months over me purchasing a head, and by the time I thought I could get away with it, they were no longer available.... I wonder how many were produced and how many made it into consumers hands. The only "bad" thing I'd heard about them was that the reverb left something to be desired, but...no big deal, really, if the amp itself sounds good. Enjoy, Sada .... oooooh, that's right - you got you a Wildkat too, yes? Nice git/amp combination
  9. Sweet!!! The W'kat is still on my wish list .... enjoy HNGD!!
  10. I'll play, troll or not. Simple answer, ..... no regrets ... my Epi AJ18 and Epi LP are great for the price point. I'm happy with both (AJ is a '99, LP is an '07, both MIC)
  11. I have an original version 1 VJr, complete with same hum ..... it's inherent in the design, apparently - it can be eliminated (I believe it involves changing tube heaters from AC to DC and rerouting/twisting the heater wires???). Sewatt.com amp forums have a whole section devoted to the VJr, with more than enough info to make your head spin as far as modding the lil buggers. I've never bothered "fixing" the hum, as I have a version 3 head'n'cab Jr - no hum - and the original's hum nostalgically reminds me of my original 5 watt Ampeg tube amp I grew up with in the late '60s/'70's. I love both
  12. Ain't that the truth .... the one that came with mine was as thin as telephone cord, and stopped working within a very short time. Crappiest cable I've ever seen...
  13. Very sweet indeed .... my wife actually would let that live in our living room .... she hates the "ugly big pink" (her words) Epi VJr 1x12 ext cab
  14. Does sound wise ... plus, strings are relatively inexpensive in terms of occasionally switching out/trying different gauges to find what works for you best in the end. I've been using EB Slinkys (10's) on my guits for .....hmmmmm...30 something years (yikes!!!) I do have my short scale BMG w/ Super Slinkys (9's), but that's a completely different animal.....floating trem, 24" scale, 24 frets, plays like quicksilver...it is what it is, but requires a consciously lighter touch. Horses for courses, or however the saying goes...
  15. For not wanting to, or for wanting to??? :lol:
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