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Hi Guys,


Yesterday, I did something that I never thought I would do. I traded in my made in 2001 Mexico Fender Stratocaster for an Epiphone Les Paul Classic. I already knew that the Epiphones were quality as I already own a Casino in Vintage Sunburst, but I never thought I would trade in a Fender Stratocaster for an Epiphone.


But I did, and boy I am i glad I did. It's an awesome guitar! Exposed humbuckers and in Heritage cherry sunburst, an astonishing guitar. If Gibson make them better than this, then i don't believe it.


The big question is:


It isn't featured in the current lineup of Epihones on the website and even finding a review on it was difficult. The only one I could find was this one:




It seems to be something of a rarety.


Here is a picture of it:




Can someone out there please tell me more about my wonderful new Guitar? Was it part of a limited production run?


Any help is appreciate. [cool]

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You got yourself a real nice guitar. I did find (my personal opinion) that a epiphone les Paul sound better than a strat. But it's my tought. I did try a few Strat Fenders and Squiers and mine does sound better( i do have gibson pickups on mine). I found that gibson/epiphone Les Paul have a more deep sound compare to the strat who does have more high end sound.

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I must admit that I've always been puzzled as to why the Strat and the Les Paul have been seen as rivals. They are totally different guitars and sound completely different.


The Les Paul is undoubtably got a warmer and sometimes heavier tone that suits a certain type of sound as does the Strat, which has a cleaner brighter tone.


I own a 2003 American Deluxe Strat which is a seriously awesome guitar. But I think this new Epiphone is a seriously awesome guitar from it's own individual reasons.


This is why I can have a lot of guitars because they are all different and unique. It all depands on what music you're playing and what sound you want.


Hell, this is why we are addicted and love them so much. [biggrin]

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My other guitar (The white one) even if i did installed my epiphone pickups, does sound close to a strat. I bought a squier strat for my daughter and the sound is similar. I have a friend who come over to practice and he has a strat, when i use my les paul it sound a lot different so that's why i decided to use my old attack 2 to teach him.

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