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HNCBGD - now with sound & full motion video!


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Thanks Michael' date=' now I just gotta learn to play slide!


I've already got another box on the bench. This time, I'm gonna try frets....[/quote']

Thats EXACTLY what I was going to ask you= Frets. Man that would sound amazing. The good ole Delta Blues...

You could make those and people would buy them-HONESTLY!!! That Tele pup sounds great in that....:-({|=

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There's a whole cadre of folks out there that already sell them and a couple of guys are gigging with them:






Even Elderly Instruments is getting in on the act: http://elderly.com/new_instruments/items/CBG1-014.htm


But for me, the fun is making something out of nothing with rudimentary skill and tools, and learning a bit about guitar construction along the way.

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Built a new CBG for a buddy of mine last Sunday. This one has a P90 and a Strat bridge (with trem block!), and an old Squire neck we bastardized to accept 3 x 3 tuners. It came out OK, but he wanted it neck through so it's more or less a solid body. We used scrap pieces of oak flooring to bolt onto the neck:






(Robin, this is not your old neck, I promise!)


I haven't heard it yet, I sent him home with it unwired as we ran out of time.


My motto with these CBG builds is: "If you spend more than a day on it, you're doing something wrong".

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