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  1. Beautiful LP Kristof! HNG and Amp day to you! Enjoy!! [thumbup]
  2. Congrats to you on your new Kat'. Looks great! [thumbup]
  3. The MOJOTONE Is good. Here is what I'm putting in mine,great components also. Depends on how much you want to spend. This is better for the buck IMPO. http://bcsguitars.com/?page_id=2760 EDIT: You already have the stuff. My apologies
  4. I agree with Neil, if you have a music store that has many guitars to offer just try to your liking.
  5. Well by looking at your user name, I'm a Gilmour Fan also. Maybe try a Squire Classic Vibe 60's Stratocaster. But you say you like to play all of the artists you like of music, I would suggest maybe a Epi Les Paul Tribute. It has the Coil splitting for the different tone you want. A tad bit pricier than I think you can spend, but a great upgrade. Good luck.
  6. Beautiful!! Those coil taps should be very versatile! Congrats!! [thumbup]
  7. My Dean Palomino (My Avatar) in honor of our beloved Yellow Lab. "Roscoe" that departed from us 3 Yrs. ago.
  8. Thanks. I just put on a GFS ABR-1 Bridge on my Dean Palomino ( My Avatar). Awesome. The stock saddles were crap. I noticed before I plugged in the great tone and sounds better amped up. I think I will get the GFS. Thanks Friend. Should be alot better than the stock on my DOT. Cheers, Michael
  9. Thanks for the Bridge advise!

    Cheers friend!


  10. Thanks TB. Great tip on removing the bushings. Did you find that the GF Bridge improved the tone than the stock Epi?
  11. I've been modding my Epi DOT Deluxe and want to swap out the stock Bridge for a quality item with the Gold finish. What can I get for a reasonable price and will drop right in? I've checked the Gotoh Tune-O-Matic's at Stewmac. I also understand that replacing the tailpiece to a Aluminum will help with the tone. Thanks in advance.
  12. igor, I have been playing mine most of today. A great guitar. I've done some minor mods, otherwise happy with it. Enjoy,,
  13. Great igor, NICE flame matched veneer! THX for the pic! Beautiful!!
  14. If you find that the amp has a ice pick tone there is a thread here that will tone it down by clipping a Cap or two. Very easy. I did it to mine( Sold my BC 30 last month to finance mods for my HRD). I also retubed it with Tungsol reissues in both sections. Super tone. BTW congrats on the BC 30!
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