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  1. Thanks for the Bridge advise!

    Cheers friend!


  2. Thanks for the Jazzmaster comment! I'm really enjoying that guitar. Very nice tone. Thanks also for adding me. Cya l8er -Jake

  3. My pleasure TBM! As soon as my income gets going I'm getting one of the kits to upgrade my Epi DOT Deluxe along with some better pups.
  4. Check out these folks. I have done business with MOJOTONE, here is another cheaper idea to upgrade your wiring. Check out all their options. This link is for upgrading a Epi DOT. http://bcsguitars.com/?page_id=2760
  5. Glad to meet you too Mike!

  6. From one Mike to another, glad to meet ya!

  7. Yes, Duvel or Chimay. Merci Beaucoup!

  8. we will drink that Duvel or Chimay one day :)

  9. THX for the friendship! You beat me to it!.


  10. My pleasure Lori! Glad you are with this forum.

  11. Thank you Michael adding me to your group. Cheers!

  12. Thanks for the friend invite Michael! Very kind of you.

  13. From one Mike to another. WELCOME!!!!!
  14. THAT IS NICE!!!!!!! Gas attack!
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