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  1. That guy hasn't been to this forum in over a decade so I wouldn't get my hopes up for him to respond.
  2. Ceramic Plus™ Humbucker New for 2014, the Ceramic Plus™ humbucker is the next step in the House of Stathopoulo's ongoing crusade to merge the tone of the past with the tone of the future. Like Epiphone's critically acclaimed ProBucker™ pickups, new Ceramic Plus™ humbuckers feature 18% Nickel silver unit bases, bobbins tooled to exact Gibson specifications, Elektrisola Magnet wire, but instead are powered by Ceramic 8 magnets. Where as ProBucker™ pickups emulate the rich and subtle tones of hand-wound humbuckers from the late 50s, Epiphone's new Ceramic Plus™ humbuckers are high output mo
  3. Maybe try playing the guitar for a while and see what YOU like and what YOU don't before you go changing out random parts because you heard about others doing so. I don't mean that in a bad way, I've been guilty of that too. But you said something like 'fretwork was rough in the past'. Yeah that can be true for every guitar manufacturer that's ever existed ever. They're all different. You might be surprised to find that you like some things better than you thought you would. The quality of Epi parts, hardware and electronics today are miles better than they were years ago. I
  4. Beautiful guitar. It's a 1997 made in Unsung Korea G400 with optional Vibrato. I've never heard of anything called 'G-400 60's SG Standard Deluxe'. The Deluxe models were called that because they typically had a flame maple veneer and/or gold hardware.
  5. That's all this place is anymore. Remember how awesome this forum was about 10 years ago? What a shame how everything ended up. The EpiphoneTalk forum is small but it's pretty cool. There's quite a few people you might remember from the old days there.
  6. Should be 4mm. Here's a cool resource for finding which size wrench different guitars use. https://www.musicnomadcare.com/How-To-Advice/Truss-Rod-Wrench-Finder/
  7. Wow, you got that for $500? Not a bad deal considering it's worth 4 times that much.
  8. It's easier to pass off a counterfeit $20 bill than it is a counterfeit $100 bill. People aren't expecting it. Same philosophy.
  9. If you've done 100 setups then I would just automatically assume that you checked the nut first, because it sounds to me like that is likely the culprit.
  10. You already did it remember? Have fun with your new sock account Rev6...I mean YahliP...I mean SG Player...I mean Gaston...I mean GibSG...I mean AlfaCorse...I mean Silver Buck...
  11. The 335 or 'Dot' is a semi-hollow body with a center block like your 339. It's not fully hollow like a Casino. I agree though, trying to fish the guts out through the f-hole is about as fun as getting teeth pulled.
  12. Yeah, no threads on this forum are ever off topic. Make sure to tell Crust to mention photo binding or cheap copies before he makes another post so you'll feel more at home.
  13. I wish I did! Cool guitar. I wouldn't mind having the Fender Super-Sonic 22 amp either.
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