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  1. It's easier to pass off a counterfeit $20 bill than it is a counterfeit $100 bill. People aren't expecting it. Same philosophy.
  2. If you've done 100 setups then I would just automatically assume that you checked the nut first, because it sounds to me like that is likely the culprit.
  3. You already did it remember? Have fun with your new sock account Rev6...I mean YahliP...I mean SG Player...I mean Gaston...I mean GibSG...I mean AlfaCorse...I mean Silver Buck...
  4. How about the fact that anyone new that comes to this place with a question about Epiphones will immediately be bombarded with false information and constant trolling in every thread? Other forums realize this and ban him, but apparently it's not frowned upon here. This place is a joke. Keep up the good work.
  5. I thought that last one was actually kinda funny. He's become a parody of himself. [lol]
  6. The 335 or 'Dot' is a semi-hollow body with a center block like your 339. It's not fully hollow like a Casino. I agree though, trying to fish the guts out through the f-hole is about as fun as getting teeth pulled.
  7. He's from France. He's a mime. We all saw what he did to that Gibson Les Paul. He's been ousted from half the guitar forums on the internet. Trolling is the only thing he's got. I pity the fools that have to actually talk to him in real life. Looks like he's breaking in a new catch phrase about plastic guitars though...
  8. Yeah, no threads on this forum are ever off topic. Make sure to tell Crust to mention photo binding or cheap copies before he makes another post so you'll feel more at home.
  9. I wish I did! Cool guitar. I wouldn't mind having the Fender Super-Sonic 22 amp either.
  10. So basically every post you've made?
  11. He could only get a poor tribute copy and tried to make it look like a more expensive model by painting on body binding, thus ruining a perfectly good guitar, his reputation and all credibility.
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