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Smips65 - Guild GAD ??


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Hi Smips65, I currently looking for a new 6string acoustic/electric - I'm looking at the Masterbilt EF500RCCE and Guild GAD 50PCE. I'm looking for that 1.75 nut width - I've yet to get a hold of either one. I went to my local GC and they were out of both. Sam Ash happens to be 100 yards away and they didn't have either...either. GC had a vintage gad50 for over 2,500 - out of my league. There is a local guy with a GAD50PCE for sale on CriagsList I may go look at. What are your thoughts on the two? Thanks

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I have no input with respect to the masterbuilt series, I've yet to play around with one. Red 333 would be the informed opinion on those.


My guild is very new. Hasn't opened up yet.


Sound wise to my ear, it's a blend between a Martin and an Ovation.


I don't know what your budget is, these seem to run around 650-700 new, mine is stamped used, (am still looking for the blemish that brought it down, haven't found it yet), mine went for 400/w guild case


Mine has no electronics, so can't help there.


I'll assume you know the specs on these, and the materials.


The nut width is comfortable for me, partially why I had to part company with the sorento, at 1.5", I just had way to many isssues.


They project very well, the action is lowish, and sustain is fair. My martin knock-off has better sustain than this.


I'm not as knowledgable about all the different acoustics as others here.

The Martin that I had was damaged, and was getting worse, so the time was at hand to unload it and get into something as close as I could find, price/sound/quality.


The gloss finish was actually a preference for me, try as hard as I could, maintaining a constant humidity, and temp became a burden on the nearly unfinished tops that Martins have.


The Guild is all Indian Rosewood, with wood binding. The Martin was HPL, with a wood top, similar to an Ovation, construction wise. That said, as the years go by, those composite acoustics never age, so never change.


Hope anything I've mumbled here helps.

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It doesn't ring as mellow and toned down as a Martin, per se


It does have a little countryish twang to it, probably the glossy finish, Ovationish.


Since he doesn't have a Guild to play, I was trying feebly I guess to describe the sound it has.


It wouldn't be very helpful to him to say my Guild sounds like, well a Guild, which it does.


It does need new strings, which it will get this weekend. I don't know what it came with. Needs a wrapped G string for sure.



The closest I can come would be a well built Takamine, if that clarifies it any better.



The Aims is doing fine. We're still mucking about with nuts. The saddle is done.

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Wow, a plain g string on an acoustic, no wonder it sounds that way, I bet the top is hardly moving at all.


But I get what you mean though, you just scared me. A Guild should NOT sound like an Ovation and you had me worried.


Nuts are fun huh? How many have you messed up so far?

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Well, I messed up two of them before the saddle job, one after, and so far just that one.


Just need to complete the fine tuning/intonation issues, with the saddle, and there may be another, maybe.


The rounding part on the saddle was the trickiest part so far.




Sure don't envy what you do for a living. Parts of it least.

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