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Epiphone Limited Edition Roy Orbison Bard 12-String


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Not seen any reviews that weren't trying to sell the guitar.Guitar magazines depend on manufacturer's advertising

so they're not going to rubbish review samples.

What I have seen is the guitar.I said to my local dealer I might be interested last summer when it was launched.He

said delivery would be September & he didn't want part-exchange.So I sold my Seagull 12 on eBay.Months went by & I found a 1966 Bard on eBay at a very good price so I won it & it arrived Christmas Eve. The best 12-string I've had apart from a Martin D12-18.

So the 2 Bards turn up in February-one he sent back "damaged in transit"-the other on display along with an Inspired by Texan.

The set up on the Bard was not good.They'd tuned it to concert and it had gone out of tune,so I tuned it down by ear.

The nut was way too high making it difficult to play.It sounded OK,but not as good as the Seagull.I thought the figure in the wood on the back of the guitar wasn't great - not bookmatched.The truss rod cover had 3 screws and no logo which I thought spoiled the otherwise authentic re-issue effect.

So I tried the Texan.Again the wood on the back didn't look right,but it played & sounded fine.What I came away with is that the Texan is a great value and the Bard is a lot of money for some dodgy graphics.

Hope this helps.I would definately recommend hands-on & trying more than one if you can,



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