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Help with buying an epiphone supernova please


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Hi guys im new to this forum.


Anyway i'm planning to buy an Epiphone Supernova, in sunburst, the Noel Gallagher signature.

However, the model im planning to buy doesnt seem to have a serial number on the back of the headstock. The guy told me they don't stamp it at the headstock but print it on the sticker inside the guitar. He said that its made in Korea. The number on the sticker said "ROOK 0298". Does this mean that it is made in Korea? Thanks for clarification sorry don't have pics of it.


Also is it a good deal for a used supernova with OHSC for about 715 USD?

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I think the O's should be Zeros, in that case this is what the guitar dater shows


Guitar Info

Your guitar was made at the

Peerless Plant, Korea

October 2000

Production Number: 0298



Peerless Korea Co., Ltd.


Peerless Korea Co., Ltd. is a Korean-Japanese joint venture company headquartered in South Korea and has been in the guitar-manufacturing industry since 1970. With the core expertise in guitar manufacturing initiated from Japan, Peerless has provided 2.9 million pieces of guitars in the worldwide market so far. Peerless had once manufactured 30,000 pieces of guitars per month in the past in order to meet the order quantity, however have gradually changed their focus from quantity quality. With this in mind they have cut down their manufacturing capacity to 2,000 pieces per month just to ensure the high quality of our products. Peerless produces guitars via OEM for brands such as Epiphone by Gibson, Alvarez, Hoyer and Gretsch by Fender. Note: While not explicitly stated it is believed that Peerless is part owned by Aria of Japan.


715 USD sounds reasonable to me

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Wow okay thanks guys. Now that I think about it the O's are probably 0's haha. Its because the guy said it was made in the "ROOK" epiphone factory. Guess he didn't know what he's talking about and i'll go back and check.

You've all been really helpful.


Just 1 more question though, why isnt the serial imprinted behind the headstock? I've seen pics of supernova's with the serials behind the headstock. Union Jack ones though. Thanks.

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