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Hi everybody,


Well from reading other posts I see I'm not alone when adding a TP-6 to a Les Paul.


I have a carved top Les Paul, and being that the TP-6 is flat I'm getting some feedback.


At first I tried some electric tape for two reasons. One hoping to reduce feedback and

secondly to keep the saddles from hitting the top. Not much luck in reducing feedback.


Recently I tried some conductive copper tape, on the top and under the TP-6,

with a little less feedback.


So I was wondering if anyone experiences feedback, and if they were able to reduce or

eliminate ?


An easy solution would be if Gibson would make a TP-6 with the radius of the regular

top tail piece. Wink hint... I'd buy one. I know Gibson has people reading the forum.


Well any help will be greatly appreciated.



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I have the TP6 on the BB king model and i am not aware of a feedback issue, but i am sure you can play any solid body loud enough that, hard to control, feed back could be an issue, but i never heard of it caused by the tail piece. on my bb king the tail piece is probably a quarter of an inch above the surface of the guitar, maybe a little lower and no unusual feedback issues. the bb king is hollowed out in most areas, just no f holes. so it should be more prone than an lp to have feedback issues.




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Thanx for the reply. The BB King model was the first place I saw the TP-6.


Aren't the BB King models flat under the TP-6 ?


I'm guessing the feedback I'm gettings is because of the radius of the top, and the

TP-6 being flat, that it may be closer to one another than the BB King model.

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Do you know if the ground wire for the BB King is a braided line or just a

insulated wire ?


The reason I ask is the insulated wire would be more flexible, and I possibly may have

broken the connection when lowered the tail piece.


Strangely if I put my finget on the back of the TP-6 the feedback goes away.


So I'm confused.


Thanx for looking.

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Hi i have a Les Paul Standard Faded with the tp6 and havent got any problems with feedback... also polay a lot of metal so i would have experienced the problem if it was common...


Also the tp6 fit right into place, my guitar does have a carved top.


I also have a similar tail piece (schaller) on an epiphone (see the pictures?) and havent given me problems.

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Thanx for the help. My TP-6 fit right in place with out any problems.


So I must have messed up the ground wire when lowering the tail piece.


Guess I'll have to order the bushing puller and re-solder the ground. I

appreciate all the help, this has been bugging me for awhile.



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