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The Early Bozeman years: A lesser-known model...


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...is the J-1000.


One of these has appeared in a recent eBay listing:




I'm not affiliated with this sale in any way, but just thought I'd mention it for your interest.


These models were made for maybe a year in 1992-3, a rosewood-bodied, venetian cutaway small jumbo guitar, which had two more ornate cousins, the J-1500 which is very rare, and the J-2000 which is much less rare since it continued as a custom shop model through the early 2000s but is much more expensive due to adorning materials.


The J-1000 was the least expensive and least adorned of the three, and they do come up from time to time on eBay and on the used circuit. Of the three -- J-1000, J-1500, J-2000 -- the J-1000 is most frequently seen with the firestripe pickguard as with this example, whereas the others most commonly are not so equipped.



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