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1959 Gibson Double 12 EDS-1275


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Check out my site highlighting my black 1959 Gibson Double 12




Nice one. I'm not sure that Gruhn is accurate on the numbers, nor that Gibson kept good enough records for us to know accurately. I found a black one back in about 1970 in a pawn shop in Davenport Iowa, where it was advertised as an "18-string" guitar. The case is a huge tweed thing with ugly magenta fur and weighs like cement all by itself. I bought it for the $275 asking price (less a 25% discount "today only on all guitars). We used it onstage for a while and then, because it was just too damned heavy, I relegated it to climate-controlled storage where it remains (in Iowa!) with some of my other silly-priced guitars from the same era. I don't see it often, since I live in California these days, but it's sort of part of the 401K <G>. But I did find a white one at Norm's Rare Guitars several years back, and I've seen a cherry sunburst one out here at one of the guitar shows (I'm thinking the one at the Santa Monica convention center) within the last five years. There's a rumor that there's one out there done for Roy Clark that has his name inlaid in the fretboard, but I haven't seen it yet. I've counted coup on (as in actually touched)a half dozen of these besides mine. Most seem to be in good condition; like most doublenecks they don't get played a lot. They're just too darned heavy. But people keep 'em under the bed because they're just too cool.

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