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Flying V wiring diagram


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Anybody have a wiring diagram for a 2006 "67 Resissue". I was replacing the pickguard yesterday and a couple of wires came loose.


I bought this guitar used a couple of months ago and upon opening it up, it looks like it's been fiddled with. Just want to get back to square one.


Thanks in advance. [smile]

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Hey, good morning! Not often I visit "this side of the Pond" -

The GIBSONS I used to own I had to sell before going in Military.

Now, I'm an EPI Guy. but I still miss my '78 and '79 Les Paul Customs...


FLYING V Wiring, eh? Your answer is in the EPI Lounge "Do-it-Yourself"

Thread/STICKY, at the TOP of the page, Wiring Diagrams Section.

You should "come Visit" the thread sometime, lots of Goodies!


"GIBSON Wiring Diagrams - Wiring Library"



Scroll down until you see Flying V Diagrams, has Modern, 50's, Regular and

Independent Voume Control Wiring Diagrams

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