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figured vs plain 335Hey


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Hey everyone-i am new to forum and need some of your wisdom-i am about to buy a 335(thinking cheery red) tomorrow-what is the difference between figured vs plain body and is it worth the extra cost-i am the type who likes to buy and keep my guitars(currently at 8)so i want to get a guitar that i will be happy with for a long time-thanks for your help!!!!

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Hi n, welcome to the forums

Nice guitars the 335's

I have plain and figured versions

There may be a slight difference tonewise due to wood grain structure but I wouldn't be able to tell the difference

I like the plain probably better because it is to me a more natural finish

The figured generally looks a million dollars

So it's down to aesthetics


V :-({|=

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The guitar I ended up choosing is figured (vintage burst). However, I had an open mind when looking for my 335 as the main priority was playability, tone and build quality. Colour and looks were secondary to that and I'd have been just as happy if my guitar had ended up being a plain top.

But having said that, I really like the natural finish with a figured top from an aesthetic point of view.

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