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Anyone reconize this guitarlisted on E-bay


The only Serenader I remember was the FT-85 ( don't ever recall a B-25-12 ) during the 1963-70 and it had an adjustable saddle.Ship


It appears to be the a Serenader like on this page: http://www.vintageguitars.org.uk/epiphone64p7.php


You will have to click 'Prevous' to see the spec's list on the facing page which calls it a T-85. The closest enlargement I can make on the EBay page appears to reveal "FT85" on the label, but it's still quite fuzzy.


I doubt the B25-12 actually means the poster believes this to be a B25-12, which is a similar Gibson model. They existed as B25 and B45. There might have been a B35.


Some posters, like I suspect this one, will add the Gibson name and / or model number next to bona fide Epiphone models in their description to get a hit on browsers looking for similar Gibson models. In some cases those looking for Gibsons will be interested in a similar Epiphone model... for the right price.


I suspect the "B45-12" in this offering's description is baiting, but not necessarily intentional fraud.

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Hey Tommy I suspect you are right about the baiting with the model numbers and with so many Serenaders available on E-bay right now he may be hard pressed after modifying his on the bridge to get that amount.Oh well good luck to him. I am still looking for one last one to go with my collection and still haven't found the right mix, to many guitars out there that already sound like something I already have.ship

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Guitar sold for a very good result to the seller.There was nothing at all wrong with his listing.

He mentioned rosewood,meaning adj'rosewood saddle rather than plastic,ceramic or bent tin.Comparison with the equivelant Gibson is standard practice,since most will never have heard of the Gibson,never mind the Epi,

and the Gibson would be easier to resea


There is no mention of the B45-12 in the listing.

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