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Need help with I.D.


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For the past month Ive been trying to ID my new custom shop ES335

and I cant find anything. the serial is 0907150294. Ive tried a couple

websites but they didnt help. I tried myself but only got through half of the serial#

heres what it looks like (I took it a week before I bought it) I need name suggestions for her too!


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Your guitar was made.....




15=factorycode = Gibson owned QingDao plant, China

0294= production#


and there is no "Custom Shop" at Epi, [-(

it's just a sticker [crying]

I know. [flapper]

its just for guitar that have different finishes or hardware or something not standard.

I knew a kid who got excited about his "custom shop" g310...not too happy when I told

him about it [lol]

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