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I got one of these Harbinger powered PA speakers at GC, on sale at MF for $150 so GC matched the price, now MF has a free stand for it on top of things!!dang!






This thing is great for my guitar room, it has 3 channels: 2 mics, 1 line in and then it has a line out. 5-band eq and master volume.


The 150watt is way overrated, that is the max, the RMS is 120 watts but that is still stretching it, to me it is more like 50 solid state watts before it distorts under certain settings. I am using the mic input with an SM57 and it works fine for a room, not enough juice for more than that. The 15" model may have more power but it is huge.


I am running backing tracks or drums through this thing, and I am starting to learn background vocals or harmony (I don't sing). I am also using my Boss Micro BR to run my bass and plug that to the line in on the powered speaker since I do not want a bass amp.


Pretty nice all-in-one-spot PA. It keeps up with bedroom practice levels.

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Sounds to me as if you've found something that works for you.


One thing about amps and speakers and such is that they'll sound and respond rather differently in different situations. I don't know about that particular powered speaker, but I know several folks who use them regularly for solo gigs, guitar and mike, one or two powered speakers. Altitude from the "floor" will make a difference in perceived volume, too.


Ditto on using it for bass. A lot depends on what you're doing for music. It certainly won't break windows but could work well with a duo type of thing or soft rock or...



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You are right milod, it just turned out to be exactly what I needed with what I do at home.


The guys I play with have a decent PA with huge JBL speakers in proper stands.


I was tempted to go for the 15" model but for what I will use it it is overkill, this one ain't light I am sure the next model up is heavier.


On the sound directioning, I have it on the floor but I set it on top of a 2" thick, round bamboo cutting board that we don't use much, it raises the speaker from the carpet to avoid muffling and boomyness (sp?) of the sound. Just right, I really don't need to have it at ear level.


It is nice that it comes with a fre stand at MF, not a bad deal.

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A very good point about the speakers height to the floor. If you are in a carpeted room with an amp siting directly on the carpet try to rise it up off the carpet at least 3-4 inches. A big difference in clarity. A port on the bottom, or casters even gets it up pretty well. For amps I found one of those aerobic work out steps works well too. They are solid and will hold a good weight with a decent height .



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