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I have an old guitar that has been used on at least 40 hits songs, but for the life if me I have never owned an SG and could not find the serial number. I did however find it when I looked at it sideways in the light and its 130005. I was wondering, what year is this? Anything special about it?





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You can look here: http://www.gibson.com/Files/downloads/bluebook/GibsonSERIALNUMBERS.pdf


- but you can't tell a lot from the serial number.


Your best bet is to email Customer Service and see if they have any old records. That serial number makes it a '63 or 1970 - 75 depending on some other things.


Post pictures - they can help identify it.

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Hi and welcome.


I'm no expert on the model but the following is a general gude and to the best of my knowledge.


It would appear from the snaps you posted to be a 'Type 4' SG Standard. The serial numbers from Gibson in the seventies are, unfortunately, a bit vague.

Depending on which source you believe the instrument dates from either '73 or '74. The three-piece neck and style of peghead logo would back up these dates.


As far as there being 'anything special about it' goes : probably not.

They were made in pretty high quantities and many, of course, will still be around and in good condition.

As far as value goes : originality counts for a lot. If it has all it's original parts it will be worth more than if bits have been 'improved' over the years.

These instruments were meant to be players instruments - not really collectors items.


The only thing which may make it of interest to a collector would be any documented proof of it's provenance.

If, as you say, it has been played on over 40 hits;

1) Who played it?

2) On what songs?

3) Can this be verified?


It's no doubt a very fine guitar. The chances are it wouldn't have been used on all those hits if it was a poor instrument.



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